Another obvious get I just got

I just saw the benefit of being in the moment and it’s so totally obvious but I never noticed before. That actually happens not just a lot but all the time. It looks like that is the program. Seems just a subtle thought, a hint of an idea is all it takes sometimes. If I take the time to focus in on one of those moments I do notice some very profound and totally obvious things that go on all the time. But they go on right bye me without notice. This one is about what I’ve been talking about lately, so it happens. I’m not so sure that’s always the case but it is this time. Frankly, for all I know it may very well be the case, I’ve never noticed before. Okay, enough about it and how it works. When I’m in the moment I’m not in any mental drama. I’m not having a conversation about what I think is going on. When that happens that’s where my attention is, in my imagination crating that story. On the contrary, being in the moment means I can’t be in two places at once. So if I’m noticing my now I can’t be tripping in my drama. Another thing. It’s about making lists and planning or rather organizing my time to accomplish whatever tasks there may be to get done. This may even be bigger! About the tasks. They take on supreme importance. In fact, they take on the exact proportion of importance that I notice I’m giving to my dilemma about always having to be doing something, thank you my mother. It’s the same stuff that goes on when I’m making a list. Hard to explain but it’s more like feeling momentary obligation as in taking responsibility. It’s very serious and I tend to dwell on either doing it or why I’m not doing it. All the time I’m spending occupied between my ears in this  drama called ‘a to do list’. then include my mother in my ear reminding me to be doing something. The result turns out to be immobility and nothing gets done. Not only that moment but many moments have been utilized to wind up having done nothig. I can then use this opportunity to have a guilty conscience, if I’d like. It’s all to the same end. I waste time in my mind with stuff that doesn’t matter but it gives me a reason to never feel complete. On the other hand, when I’m not doing any of that I find myself in the present time and being able to notice what’s going on around me. These are not the same places. This is day and night and moreover it is the keys to the kingdom! Not a small thing here. In fact, this is huge. The secret is to not be thinking. I have to keep remembering that. It doesn’t seem like it would be so difficult but it is. I’m a cerebral human and I spend a lot of time in that theater. the benefit can only be realized when I forget to think about it. Go figure!

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