More about ‘My Job’

Another newsflash! First, I got that my job was to embrace who I am and live my life out of this context. I can see how it can take many lifetimes to realize the benefits of my personal journey over time. Then I imagined the effect of many having this same information and the possibilities of that. It was much more encouraging. Then I wondered about some of the ways I can use to utilize the model, like what to do to make it real? It’s almost as bad as the ‘what’s my job’ question.Somehow the computer is involved. Probably because it’s what I do day after day after day. As long as I have a tool I need to maximize its potential in assisting with my purpose. What does that mean? I’m only guessing because there is really no way to be sure about any of this. Trusting my inner knowing, I proceed into the unknowing fringes of possible and other realities. My focus on line is You Tube, I use the comment genre as a tool to drop consciousness bombs. At first I was like many of the commenters and was very judgmental and not very nice. Then as time went by and I began to notice that my own comments had been more a viewpoint than a judgement and were much friendlier, less hostile. Now they have evolved into something like a teaching. Not to say this to stroke my ego but rather just to define my own personal progress by their substance. It wasn’t until today,July 9th, 2017, that I noticed what I had been doing. Until today I was still wondering how I was going to pull this whole job thing off. I had no clue I had been creating this avenue without even knowing. That happens a lot. Seems I have a constant stream of old tape running 24/7 in a corner of my mind and it always reminds me that I should be doing something ‘meaningful’ rather than sitting here trying to figure all this out. At the same time I can never figure out exactly what it is I should be doing. I have a certain value judgement (my mother) that is telling me these sessions I have with myself are just wasting precious time. I could be cleaning something instead of just sitting. It’s constant but I’m finally aware of it and turning down the volume. It’s always there. I am programmed to value the mundane over the profound. It is social engineering and acceptable. What I do is not any of that so it is automatically in the ‘wrong’ file. I have lived my whole life out of the wrong file according to my tribe and most other humans I have encountered along the way. It’s only been in the last decade that I’ve been able to get all this and have the opportunity to re evaluate so many things that I’ve not understood for a very long time. Lately I’ve had the grace of time to explore am secrets and answer some of the questions that I’ve been asking for my whole lifetime. It’s been some journey and done I wouldn’t have changed for any amount of money or anything else. I came into this existence with my eyes wide open and trusting my direction was pure and purposeful. While never knowing from minute to minute what that may be, I never questioned it and never even wondered why. It looks like I’m close to the exits at this point and I am looking forward to the completion of this initiation. Hopefully, I won’t need to go back to summer school this time. Then again reruns always notice what is missed the first time around. Everything is on purpose.

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