Using God to self destruct

I know this is crazy but I don’t like the way people use the word. It’s not really offensive yet it always gets me. I have a problem with who most people believe this entity to be. Maybe I just don’t understand the word? I do ask who and what is God frequently. I get answers. The what  and who seems to live my a higher state of consciousness. That makes the power actually mine.

Today I noticed some of why it bothers me the way some use the term God is because they keep giving it away and not getting any rewards. I mean that as long as you think something isn’t you it is something other than you. If you always pray to an external anything you’re giving your power of that prayer away.

There is no person called God. They made it up so people would be more easily influenced. In the beginning when they invented religion it was as a focus to get the attention of the mass of humanity. Then they bring the bible out so everyone can become saturated with every possible aspect of this book. Everyone was allowed their own interpretation and God to apply these new guidelines to. So instead of a growing community with a singe purpose it couldn’t be more divided between different sects of this and that.

Now you have generations of many different bible believing Christians and others with their own books. Now that everyone knows the rules and where the power is, now you take that away. You take away their foundation through many steps of a social engineering process project. Something as obvious as Satan the ultimate enemy. The entire entertainment industry has become a Satanic worship machine. Half-time shows at the Super Bowl. Music Award shows, almost any reason to stage a satanic ritual like performance. What’s that all about?  Briefly, it’s about destroying your belief system by putting all of the most offensive programming right in your face. At first you flinch but then after a minute or two your okay with it and go on as usual. That’s how. Why? is to remove any safety you may have felt from the bible.

The way I see it is that unless we recognize where our strength is we can’t count on being able to use it. That faith and acceptance must be with and about who a person is not a book. We are the one we are all waiting for. It is us through a higher power that can change theworld intdo a paradise we call heaven. It can be rightd here right now beneath our feet this moment.

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