Rocket Science

It’s not.  Everything I see that I don’t like about other people? Is me. It’s my stuff and usually it’s the stuff about myself that I have to spend time analyzing in order to recognize that it really is something of my own. A part of my personality or emotional make up that is just beyond the boundary  of insight. It’s the area at the edge of consciousness where my spirit may dwell. I say, may dwell, as I’m not sure there is anyway to really know for sure.      But at any rate, it is always where I find my inner self waiting to be discovered. Where my personal truth lives…..In this case, my resistance.The simple fact of awareness and acceptance of all my flaws .Resistance is always a losing battle, like a treadmill going nowhere at the speed of jello.

From what I can tell, my spiritual self exists just on the other side of my consciousness. It’s right there where it’s always been. I don’t have to go anywhere else to find it or to get there. I’ve always been there so there’s nowhere else to god to find it as I’m always already there and have always been. Worse is the fact that I’ve always known this to be true even while I’m in the midst of searching for this place where I’m pretty sure peace of mind lives. It’s at that same place, just beyond at the edge of consciousness. So close yet usually so invisible it seems, unle4ss and until I take the time to notice.

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