Survivors Benefits

I often speak about the small population of survivors I am a proud member of that has continued to awaken each day for the last seven decades at least. Doesn’t necessarily account for the quality of existence of those waking moments but at least the opportunity is there to take advantage of, if so chosen. That would be the determining factor…choosing. At least for me. I always just write it all off as general laziness as I’ve been so accused for most of my life. So as far as excuses go I’m covered. The problem for me is that they just don’t work so much anymore. When everything becomes transparent it’s difficult to draw lines and delete the obvious. It is what it is and always will be.  It’s the good the bad and the ugly. You don’t get to vote on what you can see, you only get to vote to see or not. It’s the red pill vs the blue pill deal like in the movie. Instinctively I would choose to know, whatever it is about. But if I think about it I may change my mind. I’ve come to realize that sometimes I’d just rather not know  about some stuff. It’s not as if  it’s the end of the world, just a brief break in the alignment of all the bricks being placed in their order of experience…..That is if there is such a thing as following a particular order in this case.

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