Mornings with Mom……..

Let me just begin with this; That by the time I was off and on mu way to school, my one consistent thought was always a covert wish to be struck by a truck! That was the beginnings to my days after mornings with mom. I can explain. You know how when you wake up and keep nodding back to sleep? So when you come to you always think it’s much later than it was, so every time my mom woke back up and it was only a few seconds later she would be start with the ‘what are you doing now, routine. So if I was on my way to the bathroom the first yell I wasn’t moving fast enough by the second what are you doing now.not realizing it was like 2 seconds ago. So that’s why being hit by a truck seemed less offensive and more top the point. I would’ve rather been dead that have to tolerate this every single fucking morning……with mom.

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