Being Spacial ?

What I thought that meant is that I could view things at a distance, getting a more objective picture of whatever it is. Turns out it doesn’t mean that it means visualizing ideas, thoughts. I thought that’s how everyone saw things. So it probably helps in explaining how and why I seemed to always see something no one else seemed to notice. It actually explains a lot now that I’m thinking about it. In fact, it pretty much explains everything that has ever happened to me. That’s the biggest reason I loved Judie. She heard and saw what I did and visa versa. I’ve been looking at that one for a long time, my relationship with Judie that is. I always wondered what the connection is/was and how rare it’s been in my life experience. Although I will say that during all those years of frolic and joy and prison and death, I had a certain connection with everyone in my peer group. It’s a very single minded life style and the same thing is on everyone’s mind so there is nor reason to misunderstand anyone. That is so interesting. It really is what saved my life and now I can see why and how that worked as never before. Instant acknowledgement of an insight. Good stuff!

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