The end of my world as I know it?

Probably not even though it looks that way. It’s hard to always remember that whatever happens will be perfect. It always is only I don’t always see things that way….Especially when everything  looks so bleak. I am thinking myself into madness fueled by fear that I see everywhere around me and don’t realize it’s my own. Worse yet I don’t even know what I’m so afraid of and that makes me even crazier. It keeps looking like  I’m afraid of being homeless again and I don’t think I can survive long if that’s the case. Then again, I may not survive that long where ever I am, at least I’ll have more cash by about $200 or more that will be eaten up with just eating. I can’t bear the thought of being without another sentient life form. Life is already mean and cruel enough and although I am starved for human companionship I don’t have any, so dogs it is. Not that I’m complaining but  as I get older it gets lonelier.

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