How Come?

I can come up with hundreds of reasons, excuses, possibilities, etc. as answers to the question, ‘how come?’ as in why is it I am so obviously weird, that one…..Odd man out.  All those kinds of explanations that describe people not like everyone else. That would be me alright. I’ve always been that person and I never can explain why that is except to say I’m that without question. Used to be when I was younger that I thought I was bad. It was easy to confuse the words different with bad. It’s easy to hear it in a negative way as that is the intention, isn’t it? Just by making a distinction that something different does exist it almost certainly creates a judgment of good and bad or right and wrong. It is a contrast by itself without any added verbiage.  The way my mind works it inserts optional synonyms automatically. There’s always an option you might even say. Nothing is written in cement, some would put it. So it must be true that if a word is somehow offensive to someone it can easily be changed into something that would not be. This is a perfect example of unconscious politically correct language programming. Speaking in a manner so vanilla that no one can even relate to it is the ideal here. Sort of non identity language of neutrality for the sake of non confrontational communication. I suppose that’s not so bad at least until it gets extreme and overly tasteless. When it reaches a point to a place where it’s non or un distinctual I think it has gone too far…If there is no purpose than what is the point? When we reach a place of no difference it kind of removes any doubt about any doubt. Critical thinking is no longer necessary or needed as there is never any misunderstanding because everything means the same thing. Not a world I want to live in, thank you very much.
A little too bland for my taste. Give me a good argument that I can sink my teeth into any day! Now that’s what I’s call having a purpose. Making a difference is why we are here to begin with. Hopefully to improve the daily lives of those on this journey through this reality called, ‘life as we know it’.

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