Right brain vs. Left Brain

I am left handed when I write and eat and mostly use a mouse left handed although it’s easy enough for me to use my right…. But in almost every other instance I am right handed.  This just occurred to me now as I am thinking about how I’m basically a right brained thinker. I am analytical in my thinking almost being scientific about some things. I tend to have a more masculine viewpoint on most issues not to say I am without emothion but I can be very specific sometimes and that can be troubling. Oddly I have always considered myself very emotional but that’s not really the case. I am sensitive to many things and easily hurt by silly stuff but I don’t think that’s being emotional as much as it is being overly sensitive….sometimes to absurdity. I’m not so good with feelings. I tend to misinterpret a lot and then feel bad because I was wrong…..again. as if I do it on purpoes to keep proing that I’m always wrong.  hmmm. Must be an old tape left over from those early years my my, what a time that was or rather those years were of constant degrading and insults….no wonder I needed pain killers. It was a rough time even just thinking about all the psychic pain of not understanding what was going on and why was I attracting so much misery. If it was all on purpose it was excellent training and I am grateful to have survived it. But honestly I never really felt threatened by death even when I would wake up in an emergency room somewhere…..I was always mad when I came to! Damn ! I’d always say to myself. You know it’s a problem when the staff is trying harder to keep you alive than you are. True story, stories actually, I was not a happy camper not for a long time.

So now and for still unknown reasons I am alive and well and curious as hell!  So it can’t be a bad deal whatever it is.

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