My sister

Haven’t said those words very often. It’s more like a memory of having one. Back when we were kids and sisters, not that we liked each other so much necessarily it was just a given.  We are.  It’s easy to say one is better or more than another and according to that belief system that would very different people in almost every way so its not a stretch to see why there is no relationship. Doesn’t stop a person from creating whole scenarios of drama as a reason rather than as a natural phenominum that probably would exist regardless. We’re just on different wave lengths. That was the main deal with all of them, we see different would be so. But not all systems are alike and some seem radically unlike.  I my family that fact became very personalized and became me. How convenient it must be to have an assigned stooge to blame for everything that’s wrong n the world. that’s right, it was always all my fault. Life was a bitch when you have a psycho jacket to wade through. Everyone always new there was just something a little weird about me. Wouldn’t call it special so much as needing help. It took me my entire lifetime to finally find the source of this initial judgement.  Not so long ago I was drawn to my dear aunt and uncle, Sy and Lenette. Lenette always was second billing….She has taken her part to heart and believes it’s who she is, the woman that walks behind her husband in every way.

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