Definition is key to creating a picture that defines a moment. It’s how thoughts are communicated externally.They are received according to how the words create the picture being transmitted. It may well be that since everyone has a slightly different understanding of words we all get a slightly different picture. This would explain why communication is so much more complex than thought. (That was an unconscious direct meaning.) Thinking is very personalized, done differently by all. There may be some exceptions to this as with identical twins, etc. but generally we are all just slightly different from each other while all being just slightly different aspects of the one person that is the All of us. The center of the ‘We are one’ paradigm………The creator of creation, the definition of God.

Religion exists for the soul purpose…………of hiding this truth with books and lectures that  turn everything around to it’s exact opposite. Up is down, in is out, black is white and day is night. Even the calendar was adjusted to agree with these mandates of Rome. We have been misdirected since the beginning of time in order to hide our true identity as extensions of our creation, our source. We are the hero’s we’ve all been taught to find outside of ourselves knowing full well that if we turn our intentions inward we would all have the power to change the world into a place of opportunity and joy. They would lose all their pseudo power and false abundance. That would never do, I’m afraid. We must take back what they will not be willing to surrender.

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