How to manifest…………

Look around. Everything I see I have created. I have manifested everything in my entire life for one reason or another. That is to say that everything has a purpose in the grand scale of this life experience. It’s as if we came with a ‘to do’ list of objectives to overcome and achieve my ultimate purpose…..To know myself through every experience I can create and test myself all the way along the path. You could call it enlightenment and that would be accurate but I find the feeling or moments of enlightenment fleeting at best. So far it hasn’t been a sustaining level for me. I’m like the waves in the ocean….I come and I go and all the variations in between the extremes to the swishing of a tide pool of simple awareness of the moment. The now.
Lately I’ve been wondering about how to manifest. I need a car and a place to move to that will work form. I have proven without a doubt I have this skill. What I can’t seem to accomplish so far is to manifest these good things. Instead I bring about resistance and anger and all that negative energy. I do it all the time and somehow expect a better result.

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