(D)archons Agenda

It’s always inevitable doom in the end.  There are some great videos about different versions of our collective and earth history and purpose and inevitable doom.  It’s very subtle and effective programming. It gets you before you ever notice and mostly don’t.  It just becomes a part of our consciousness as if we always knew that life is for naught without any redemption at the end.  So why even bother trying is the message.  Not a good message.  It is imperative that this is noticed to keep it out of my unconscious intake. These things have a tendency to absorb way more than necessary to get on with the task at hand.  In fact it is its own little self defeating mechanism that acts like a default, just in case.  It’s that default mode that is ever present and ready to assume control of the mechanism, that would be me, anytime there is an opening.  Doubt is one of those openings and allows darchons to feed.

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