Coincidence ?

I didn’t come all this was to throw in the towel with the first breakthrough that is a tie breaker
I was sure this was the end. I could not cooperate under the r the circumstances. It was not a fair deal anyway you look at it…..but I had so much resistance of principle I refused to succumb to unreasonable demands. that got me nowhere. No matter what I tried nothing had any affect. I was up against a wall period. the next step came as a result of having no alternatives. The universe would not open up with solution. Everything said that until I get it I wasn’t going any where including the ultimate escape of death.

I’m getting that because I believe pretty much everything that happens of significance happens for a reason. So if that’s true then my job is to find that reason. The idea is that I create obstacles in order to figure out  how to deal with it…..With the understanding that as I go through this process I will be advancing in my personal growth, as in the reason I’m even here. For me it’s a question of consciousness, being present and being able to see through the maze of rediculi that is before me.

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