What’s so amazing to me is how many people are so very religious.  Had no idea.  Since I’ve been a You Tube fanatic I read a lot of comments and especially the religious ones and some of them are unbelievable……to me anyway. They are true blue believers and do not question any of it.  Go figure? I don’t know why exactly that I’ve always been curious about this stuff.  I don’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this but when I was just a kid, around 12 or 13, I guess, I really can’t remember but I used to watch TV at odd hours when all the religious programming was on with Cal Worthington of ‘Used Car’ and ‘old movies’ fame…….Sometimes they were on early in the mornings as well….My my ‘how the times they are a changin’   In fact, I can say with all honesty…..This United States is not the same country where I grew up.  Especially in regards to religion.  Seems to me the worse our education system devolved the more the religion ironically evolved. (I know, probably could have used another word)  There for awhile it was so crazy what with all the new age and the clash’s here and there and everywhere………..To me, however, nothing really changed except that I began to notice how much of life was being expropriated and directed towards a new age  and world order.  (and to those in the business of snooping in other people’s business…Please do not disappear my blog again!)

When I watch these religious videos I watch them because I want to learn about this stuff so I will understand what people are talking about when they talk about the bible ….as there was never one around my house when I was growing up.  But now that I have spent hours watching and listening and reading the comments……The truth is the more i am on this quest the more ridiculous  it appears to be.  It is obvious to me that most of the people who comment are true believers of stuff that has been pounded into their brains over and over and they really have no other reference to go to….and even worse is that almost everyone who reads it literally defines it according to how it has been defied for them by whoever is standing up there behind the pulpit. Since everyone has their own is it they can all be saying the same thing? and yet it is clear that everyone does. I don’t get it.

So, I’m watching these tv preachers and this is the basic deal: Everyone is doing their thing, they call it ‘witnessing’ …..people are sharing their moment when God spoke to them, this is called ‘testifying’ ….does it sound like a good Hollywood crime drama yet?  The rest of it goes like this: Can’t you feel it? Don’t you want to be saved? Just lidten to sister Sarah and brother Nathan! Don’t you just want to join all of us here in holy communion? Well, maybe they don’t actually say that but certainly similar sounding statements anyway. So here comes the main pitch, Folks, all it takes is one phone call and you can be saved! Who doesn’t want to be saved, right? I’m not so clear about what I would be being saved from exactly but I’m sure it will come anytime now.  Next come the phone numbers and the phone banks and don’t you want to give these wonderful volunteers something to do while they’re up here? Of coarse you do so just dial this number or that one or the 50 other ones if those are busy and pledge and pledge and pledge until you can’t pledge anymore………because once we get your money you will be saved! And that’s pretty much it. You take the millions of lonely widows and widowers who have nothing to do but watch TV and make phone calls and rely 100% on their meager Social security checks and you beat them to unconsciousness until they start believing the script and pretty soon the phones begin to ring.  The sadist part is they never mention that part of the pitch is focused on the loneliness these people feel and out of desperation only call to hear the sound of another human voice, no, what they say is you are now saved…..and as I sit and watch this scratching my head wondering what that means I am sure of at least one thing and that is the fact that whatever it means I’m not going to know from experience since I’m not making the call.

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