A Tipping Point

I was listening to an interview with someone who has written a book about what may be our future as humans plus.  Like in not so many years the development of artificial intelligence will be so far ahead it be beyond imaginable, imagine! We could be way down the list of  priorities as just regular humans sooner than you think. …and here I was worrying about DNA when that’s probably the least of our worries!  Yikes, the name of the book is “Forbidden Gates” by Tom Horn.  I’ve seen other interviews about his books before and he’s a very interesting man and comes from a religious background so he has a very diverse point of view.

It can be rather scarey thinking about our future considering how little there is in the way of progress these days.  There are no moral challenges, no-one is even paying attention anymore and forget about any legal issues since our new way of doing business is what is your price? Face it, everyone has a price.  It’s the way of the world now and there are so few exceptions it’s hardly worth mentioning.  So trans humanism may not even merit a second thought to some in fact I’ll bet there’s a whole lot of folks who will think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. The problem here is that we know now what a bad idea that turned out to be, sliced white wonder full gluten…a better friend candida could ever have. So it’s just another bummer about life, as if the future wasn’t bad enough our present state isn’t so great either…speaking of food, air, Agenda 21….I could go on but I’m getting depressed.

I also know from experience on this very blog that if someone doesn’t like what you say it will simply disappear right before your eyes. I remember once we had a 1st amendment.  That was then this is now.

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