Same old Same old

Why ?  Every time I think I’ve somehow gotten past shit it just keeps showing up as a not so subtle reminder that I must have been kidding myself. Here it comes again.  each time a little more of it shows up. I suppose that’s a good sign, although disguised as another problem that I thought I’d just handled.  Sometimes with certain people there no familiarity with the English language.  This isn’t the first time I’ve considered this possibility in fact it come up more often than I care to admit.  Clearly its me again.  I spent most of my adult life around folks not concerned about the language and neither was I. I was there to learn to communicate with my peers, albeit another segment of the population I was not indigenous to.  I am a valley girl and I wasn’t in the valley anymore.  So if I intended to have what I needed I needed to learn how to communicate here.  Thought I did and for a long time.  Then I left that environment for a solitary life without excessive and physically hazard dis substances.  So my natural inclination to speak the language has changed back to my earlier life as a white girl in suburbia.  It wasn’t like I made any effort to change it either.  It’ kind of like letting me know I was a phony for a long time(thank you Seymore) Damn.  I just got that.  Now I understand what all that was about.. I wonder if there’s any more to get there, because I’m getting bored with talking to a wall.

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