Mercury and Venus and about my birthday…..

I was two weeks over due and by the time I let go of my birth mothers innerds and came threw the channel it was September 26th, 1943, two days into Libra.
turns out this is very important in two major waays. the first explains my total lack of any ability to make a decision unless someone else had made it first. My whole memory, well most of it anyway, is about feeling separated all my life and mostly from my family. By the time I finally decided to show my face my mother probably hated my guts….Not to mention I was another girl baby when Jim was so hoping for his son. I heard stories about a bad pregnancy that was a boy but I don’t know if it’s true although it makes sense if it were.
My whole life has been filled with unconscious guilt for all the trouble and pain and destruction I had caused, according to the account my mother gave over and over again. The second important result of this is that today only 7 perfect days before my actual 72nd birthday I now understand what happened and I can release all those years of silent self sabotage.
It looks like I had to wait those two weeks to make over the cusp of Virgo of which I have both Gemini and Virgo as rising and Moon ruled by Mercury and Libra who is ruled by Venus who also rules Taurus my father……Yikes or Eureka either one will do at this point.
This may sound airy fairy to some but I happen to take these kinds of subtle energy systems very seriously as a direst result of making it those two days into my Sun and birth sign that dwells in the ethereal plains of consciousness and explains my whole life ! It explains perfectly why I spend so much time there inside my cerebral theater that defines my life.

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