I just heard it!

I’m listening to Rense and Sauder arguing about Trump….I’ve already heard they are both gatekeepers but it was surprising to listen to how they just created the argument and both took a side. It’s one of those V/8 moments.  At first I reacted to the points of the debate but then when Rense went completely out of character defending the opposite position…..It got my attention. Then I noticed Sauder took the liberal position against etc.  Pretty much a eureka moment.  I’ve never heard it like I heard it as if for the first time.  It was…..I heard how insidiouslly nihilistic their message was  The thing is that I hear about these kind of people in the alternative media and I never could figure out how they did it until today tonight actually.  In a way it’s no different than main stream media but without all the commercials. there are commercials but they’re nicer usually. It totally sucks. Who’d ever thought anyone would be missing the 50’s……They were the days when rock and roll was the devils music…………..Not so funny anymore, is it ?  Ever so slowly and ever so on purpose has been our progression towards our demise.  So very clever has been our social engineering.  Brilliant, I’d say.  My hat is off to those pulling the strings.  In some ways I’m sure you have gone above and beyond most expectations!   And yet it breaks my heart to watch the entire lanet succumb to your rule at the cost of humanity.  that’s the unforgivable crime.  You’ll get lucky again with some form of amnesty but when you do, this time try not to forget your own humanity.

On the other hand…earlier today I was right down there in the pits. I surrendered to my lower frequencies  and succumbed to base grunting out loud. Two days of this level of consciousness. Not a pretty picture….especially after reaching a really nice place with Lenette. Actually that’s not accurate.  there is no actual communication between us although ever since she commented on a message to my sister I have been sort of carrying on a one sided deal.  So fr no respondo.

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