Trying to figure out all this stuff about symbolism and the dark forces. The All Seeing Eye of the Illuminati and all that none sense.  Well finally I’m getting a clue here.  Turns out it’s all just a reversal.. For example the all seeing eye is the original ‘Eye of God’…………So they turned everything around and made it be the Illuminati symbolism. So it really isn’t all that evil it’s just the way the Luciferian  Agenda does its thing.

The thing about it is it takes both sides to make a whole….Here’s what happened: At the very beginning of humanity the symbol of life was represented by a sign wave.  A little squiggly wave sign. I’m guessing the closest thing on the earth is probably the belly of a snake and maybe that’s why it became symbolic for a snake.  The caduceus is two snakes wrapped around a staff and the whole thing represents health. So originally there was no ill intent with this kind of symbolism until probably the Greeks wrote the Bible and turned everything around to mean evil, hence our reptilian overlords.  Now I don’t know for a fact these creatures are our actual overlords although it does appear they are and they’re the one who made all the rules and turned all the good stuff into bad stuff.  If not for the Vatican and all there lies people would know this but since religion is so pervasive it’s going to be a long time before the real believers will figure this out.  those are the ones that will have the hardest time with this.  Tis so ingrained in our culture like so many other untruths they have shoveled down out throats ads the real deal.

I can remember a long time ago watching a praise the lord TV program and they were saying all you have to do to get saved is say some words,and call us up with your pledge.  That’s it ! You are born again.  Suffice it to say I wasn’t impressed with this, even though I was very young, we;ll maybe not very young but still a younger person around the time I was in high school. I had never read a bible and with the exception of mandatory family dinners there was no religion to speak of and it was just as well.  It never made sense to me anyway.

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