If you recall I told you I do much better when I can focus in a direction when I write rather than just creating from a blank space.  It is you that I will focus. Not so much you personally although that’s not exactly accurate.  It’s more about direction than personality.  I could no longer tolerate the person to whom I was assigned and although it was because of this that I was able to finally get the lead out of my decision process and commit to myself again my purpose, I also would like to retain a portion of our ability to tune in on the same frequency now and then…… It is  the quality of the unusual that attracts me as it is more unusual to find.  Why you?  Because it was you who reminded me of what I’d forgotten about why I write.  That alone is a bit significant as it can only manifest through consciousness.  I don’t know much more about that except that it’s purpose is way beyond my current state of enlightenment.  I may even decide to go through and re purpose other messages as this alone may change the whole focus and bring me closer to what it is this big truth is about.  The 1st time we spoke you reminded me that  writing it is enough, I’d forgotten and thought I needed feedback, remember? I probably just needed reassurance, albeit my ego….. You reminded me of the very essence of what this whole thing is about.

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