Evolution or devolution ?

Very much like the previous post on societies dim view on talking to ourselves, we are also supposed to believe that we are the most evolved humans so far.  Not so, we have never been so unconscious in all of human history as we are right now.  But wait it gets better.  While the bible is supposed to be the word of God it turns out it is a very clever book of secret knowledge written in code.  The sources have been prooved to be ancient pagan and previous knowledge going back to a time before even the Moon was seen in the night skies.  Our beginnings may have been in the Genesis story but not exactly.  ‘There were giants in those days and after’ ? I’m afraid that has never been truly explained unless you’re a believer in angels falling out of the sky.  Maybe those giants were early us and over the eons have wound up as we are today?  If that’s the case we have not been any  in any evolutionary process but in fact diminishing.

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