Jesse and Juliet Members of my soul family

Jesse and Juliet God Bless You Both

I called you on purpose to get me through my head trip about my neighbors killing themselves. Doesn’t look like a coincidence.  That’s why we’re even in each others lives.  That’s fucking heavy shit.  We are now entering the dimension of soul family  Who knew I was getting exactly what I have been manifesting  But I still had some work left .   The difference this time is I reached out for help even though that’s not how it looked for awhile.  A painful experience in the power of  the imagination.  Then the frosting Chelsea and her bike routine.  I plugged right into that.  All in all I’d say it was a day of great risk and challenge and I had the opportunity to break through it and get to the other side.

It’s a week or so later now and in fact it is my actual birthday today.  I was remembering that day and had this thought that even though I was sure my neighbors had died they were in fact at a funeral for a friend that had.

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