It’s all coming back to me………..

Back in the day when I was a continuing returning client in the state department of corrections system…..In the beginning of my seven year commitment to CRC one of the requirements for release was participation in ‘groups’.  Turns out people used to pay me off with commissary to not attend these meetings as I had a tendency to call bullshit when I heard it  I used to think it was just a result of all the therapy I was subjected to. For years I told I had a sophisticated understanding of psychology and I gave all the credit to this imposed training. My mother was convinced I was 8ill. I guess that’s the nicest way to say it.  It’s a long story for another time.

What happened today showed me something else about all that. I was shown that this is not psychology but something else entirely and with the assistance of Sy’s resistance I was able to see something incredible. I could see so much of all of it and why I was always seeing stuff the way I did and yet no one else ever seemed to. There were some along the way but only Judie stands out and Connie of course, my very first teacher.  This has to be the best birthday I’ve ever had.

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