All in all it was a good day

This stuff really works.  I had some issues where I live with a neighbor and generally speaking I’m not crazy about neighbors anyway.  I’m very protective of my little space and sometime go out of my way protecting it. What happened was a new tenant who happen to be the landlord’s daughter moved in downstairs and was beginning to take over or rather drive right over me and anything else in her way and she’s rather large so a lot is in her way. You know how a vacuum sucks everything up in it’s way? Yea, that kind. I compared it to a new tenant who decided they didn’t like their parking space and just took one they wanted which as it turned out happened to be mine and I was not having it!  The problem is I had been warned about complaints and threatened to lose my housing so I didn’t know until the last minute what would finally happen. So today finally happened and then OakTree showed up and made it clear to this person where their parking spot was! Turned out they actually supported me and I am a happy camper. It is probably the best birthday present I’ve had in decades.

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