Fear is an anchor to the physical realm. It keeps me connected to a familiar place I already know.  This world of things. to experience with my five sense reality of touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. That’s why I believe it’s real.  I see it, feel it, taste it, hear it and smell it not realizing that I have created this experience within the power of my intention, albeit all the subliminal influences that form my thought patterns to create perfect consumers. I am on auto pilot and just respond to the stimuli as an object to manipulate but not as a highly evolved and creative human being.

Protesting is an admission of powerlessness……by focusing my energy away from myself at an external I interpret as in control rather than making the change within myself and reclaiming my own power. I did not to choose to give away my power I have been trained and conditioned to through family, school and society at large.  This illusion seems  so real and normal and anyone who doesn’t follow these rules is not real or normal.  So I had to go to shrinks to get right.  That’s what was wrong.  It was me it was always me  I can see it all so clearly. If only I hadn’t tried so hard to make myself right……maybe I wouldn’t have gone so wrong….. .. easy for me to say…..now… when as it turns out at the most important time I believe in a persons life…. when many reevaluations are taking place.  Now is the most perfect time that ever was.  I know this ticket is well worth the price.  I’m having the greatest time. ..No kidding, I love every wrinkle and scar and mostly I love being old. For me it’s as good as falling in love ……..

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