Bless Mom’s Apple Pie – Hole

I’ll never forget the sense of relief clearly heard and felt in my mother’s voice when she muttered, “I always knew there was something wrong with you!”  Yes mom, you have been validated. This was the answer to the fact that I had just accepted from the doctor here at the mental hospital.  I was a temporary patient in the detox program but not to mom, no she knew what really was going on, she’d always known…. it’s  something you couldn’t really put your finger on but you could tell.  There’s something wrong with this person (me)…..and she was going to fix it.  Something my mother always knew in her heart was that money can fix everything. She’s been gone for some years now and I can’t help but wonder if she still knows that ?

I just didn’t go to shrinks to get well I was also a ‘Loretta Young Girl’……I’m 5’2″ and built  kind of like a barrel but none the less my mother was going to make sure I was normal in every way the knew was normal. As a teenager she paid for me to take ice-skating lessons, in desperation to accomplish her goal, I was not graceful enough.  What else ? I’m sure there are more examples of ‘unconditional’ love only I can’t recall any at the moment.  One more; This woman was a cornucopia of excuses, she was always ready to explain that although her other daughter was quite normal, I assure you, all this one needs is some direction.  She’ll be just fine once she gets the hang of this sexual distinction issues.

Poor mom, may she rest in peace with at least a credit card.

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