A Meeting?

The funniest thing happened today.  I had a compulsion to go or be at a meeting….go figure? I hate meetings but for some reason I was going to a meeting today  All day long I kept looking at the clock and checking the meeting schedule . Now I can’t even remember the last meeting I went to. I never liked them yet I am going to a meeting today. I can’t believe I’m saying this but wait, it gets stranger.  first it was a 5pmer.  Then when I looked at the clock it was too late. So the next one was at 7 and I left my house at 7 and wound up at the meeting. Now you have to understand I had made a deal with my neighbor to take her to a meeting….to get her to a meeting, as my initial intention, I had thought, was for her benefit……………..But no, that wasn’t it at all, as it turned out.

Okay, so I’m in the meeting and then I have a strong motivation to share!  Are you kidding me?  I never share unless I have a rehearsed routine and usually people laugh.  But that’s not what happened. No, I just blurted out all of the sudden in the midst of total silence in the room. I’m Lynne addict and Ithis is my first time here, I never go to meetings…….although even though I already know everything I still have learned a lot when I did go……”  and I went on about this and that and suddenly I realized that I was in the middle of talking in a meeting and I better pay attention. I forget stuff a lot. So I finally ended with my latest get about seeing the other side of this life and taking ownership, etc…..and then I just faded off into silence without the usual ‘thank you for letting me share’ line. It was so weird.  Then other people were sharing when this one guy was talking and speaking in a language I really got He said something and then came the best line, he said, :I’m watching the divine choreography of it all….”  Wow! Then he started talking about his sponsor and finished with the statement that he is looking for a sponsor now since his  went deaf  and is very old.

Okay, so I go home feeling pretty good about myself thinking I did the right thing by this experience. Again,  I never go out when it’s dark anymore but it was dark and it felt kind of exciting for a minute.  Anyway I’m at my computer listening to a religious version of the shit the world is in when quite suddenly I get it! It was truly a eureka moment, no joke.  I was pulled to that meeting by a very powerful soul indeed! Wowza!

You see, after the meeting I was immediately drawn to this guy and all I could say was that he had a good brain….and that  I think it’s possible that your higher power is in your high consciousness and it’s very personal.  Later on when I was remembering he wa practically telling me to make sure I showed up again.  It was then I realized what truly happened about why I had to be at that meeting because I had to meet this person who speaks the same language.

It was  my second gift today.  the first one was finding a doctor who knows stuff and is open to ideas. What a total bonus find that was/is.  All in all I’d say this was a day!

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