My Sibling

…Just in case it’s the end of the world I would like to take this last opportunity to speak my mind about life and what I really think. Not that I really think you give it any thought..or if anyone agrees or not…….. Since this has always been the case, hasn’t it?

I guess one of the first items I’d like to opine about is being a Jew.  I can remember way back at the Camborian Estates.  You were probably about 7 ish (I’m not sure ) and came running through the front door crying about some little girl who called you a dirty Jew. Somehow that meant something to you although I can’t imagine why, never the less it did and then you grew up to become one. Was it worth it? I know a little something about the history of your people and it isn’t pretty.  Everyone snivels about ‘Let my people go’ but no one ever ask why they kept getting thrown out of everywhere they went. Have you? Have you ever questioned why it is/was that no one wanted the Jews around? How about WW2. Ever give a thought as to why Germany turned on the Jews? Probably not. More than likely you presumed the same thing everyone else does, they were antisemitic, right? The thing is I don’t even think you’re interested in knowing your history. You read the book and know in your heart of hearts that it must be true, right? Everyone says so. ….Every year….. until page 13 when the food is finally served anyway.  If at some time in your busy life you should be curious I would suggest you begin in Mystery Babylon and then to the discovery that there never was an exodus for starters or even to just wonder why do you suppose the Jews decided that God was wrong and they would just do their own thing.  Did you read about any of that in the Torah? You believe everything in the Torah is true, right? Who am I to offer any opposition to such old pseudo history, witchcraft and masonry? what do I know anyway? Anyone can clearly see that there’s no way I could have this knowledge since we all know how I’ve spent half of my life, right? Speaking of that, I always thought it was so weird when instead of someone saying to me, “Hi, how are you?” they always just ask, “So, are you working?”  It’s funny now but back then?  Not so much.  Maybe they just forgot my name or that I even had one. could happen.

I really want to tell you what a fucking hypocrite I think you are but that is bad karma for me so I’ll just say that we don’t agree on almost anything and how that is so strange considering we were raised by the same farmers. We do reap what we sow don’t we? Just like we get what we pay for……the thing is that it’s not always about money.  In fact money is cheap compared to what it cost to acquire any serious knowledge about living in the 3rd dimension without becoming a part of the Facebook social dynamic, etc.  But I’m relatively confident your are not concerned with such trivia as seriousness.  In fact as I recall that is something you used to accuse me of….that is being serious. I was. I am. It’s what I do.

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