An inspired conversation with Myself…..

It’s called ‘Reciprocity’

This stuff about ascending or evolving to a higher consciousness is not so easy as it turns out. Nothing less than
absolute diligence is required to achieve even a modicum of a positive experience. We’re talking 24/7 here.
This includes those thoughts when you think you’re alone within the confines of your physical mind.
The bad news here is that you’re never alone with regards to this thinking as these thoughts are the very guides we have to determine our moment to moment progress or levels of enlightenment.
The old saying that you never get away with anything cannot be overemphasized… we are never alone in our thoughts
so thinking we are getting away with some negative indulgence is pure fantasy, especially when you follow this thinking with
words having the effect of reminding us how very enlightened we are. These thoughts are self delusional. How do you pretend to be in a place where negativity cannot exist as you are experiencing it?
So far the worst part is that no matter how far along I believe I am……before that thought can be concluded I am confronted with yet another new issue to sort through as if up until now I had been just taking a nap.

“I am never rewarded with peace of mind just another set of issues……. ”

Sound familiar? that’s because the rewards are so huge it’s hard to fathom. How to describe that feeling of, “Oh yea, I knew that” ? That sense within that goes all the way back to the beginning of time. A fullness that never required any food but simply truth. We always know in our heart of hearts when we hear it or feel it just as we know instantly when it is all wrong.
It’s not a thought at all, in fact it has to by pass the mind to be experienced as a feeling.
It’s all kind of like trying to understand a quantum or trying to describe a dream using a dictionary. I call it incongruous.

I suppose what it’s all about is the ego as well. we are walking/talking ego’s after all. that is what is meant by free will. It ain’t free and who in the hell is Will?

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