The sutures are what separates the right and left hemispheres of our brain.  That is if at least the information we have been given about our physiology is still true. So, sutures represent two sides of anything that has an objective view. Okay so when we combine our halves into a whole we would be manifesting this unity throughout  our conscious experience. In other words we would be having a much better time in our lives and would be seeking creatively as opposed to destructively. No more war. That would be pretty big stuff…..So it makes me wonder why everything is backwards now?

Where sutures come in is first by always seeking disunity rather that unity. ..Creating constant friction, heat. The focus seems to be at the point of the sutures where all the problems live. The in between but in this case not neutral space. Where unity occurs it must be clear to come together and as long as it stays apart there will always be this separation. Suddenly God shows up! I am dense sometimes and I have been considerably dense on the subject of God. I have big issues with definitions as they ascribe meaning and I am literal in this regard…..So when something doesn’t jive with my understanding I question it…a lot.  God is one of those issues. I know for sure it’s not like a person. God is not a He or a She yet as I speak I wonder, so I don’t know anything for sure………But when I said the word ‘separate’ God showed up. I tend to believe this is a clue. Of coarse I tend to believe everything is a clue…..and worse I believe everything I hear as if it were all possible. Go figure?  Conversely, I think of myself as a relatively intelligent and critical thinking person at the same time. Go figure?

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