Is It Just Irony?

To me this is the most important subject at hand.  I heard a story on old time radio about how a supposed health club with mineral baths discovered that there was a problem with mold, etc., and that it was necessary to fix it.  Sounds reasonable enough, right? Who would have thought this could turn into a big political issue?

But what happened is just insane. The investors thought that if they fixed the problem it would create more problems than if we left it alone…..which made no sense….the story goes on: “Too many jobs would be lost, we can’t afford to close it down or pay for repairs, our whole city revenue is dependent on this, etc.” and so it continued. But as it turns out… every single decision that has to do with revenue is always on the side of the money no matter how many actual humans are affectcd, get sick and/or die. It just is not a significant issue in anyone’s decision. It never was. Only profit is considered. This is what we are about today. Someone once said something about that all it takes is good men to do nothing for evil to take over and win…….and guess what? We are not winning, look around…….it’s no secret either….They want you to know what time is. They want you to know exactly how powerless we all are.  Because it is this kind of anxiety that makes them happy.

As I look back over the years it looks like it was the conservative 40’s and 50’s that was really kind of like paradise compared to these days…..that is if you can imagine paradise without your pc.   (ironic)

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