Criminal Justice ?

After hours and hours of watching and listening to detective stories on tv and old time radio, one thing seems to stand out in my memory.  It is the procedure that the District Attorney uses to solve crime…… they come up with a theory and as a defendant your job is to prove them wrong.  So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why and how so many people get caught up in a system based on an assumed theory that may or may not even be relevant  But to a jury who knows nothing except what is presented……well, if the DA comes up with a reasonable enough theory the defendant is toast.

I wish I were just making this up “as a theory”…………….But I’m afraid it is more a rule of thumb than theory at all. They make up the story and expect you to prove their story wrong. Seems simple  enough? Sure, because if someone is innocent it should be easy to prove……….except it isn’t and worse, it never is.

That’s why our system never works even if it seems to sometimes. And when it does you always hear the same line again and again, “See, this just proves the system works!” Almost as a sigh of relief…….as one never knows these days what is likely to happen in a courtroom anywhere in the USA today.

One thing we do know…and that is the people who are really responsible are never held accountable, and you can take that to the bank!

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