Big Thinking

I was listening to a webinar and instead of wondering how I felt about something I realized my thought was more like, “What if the whi

ole world………..” fill in the blank.

Like it’s not enough to just think about something to myself but instead I wonder in larger terms, in worldly terms…as if any of my own personal thinking is making a noticeable difference on the planet in some profound  or even mundane way……Talk about an inflated sense of importance………

The truth is………are you ready?  The actual truth as it is beginning to look, is that yes, it’s true that what we think does make a difference on the planet. Thoughts are waves like a pebble in a pond….sending ripples of thought waves into the ethernet of consciousness…adding to the over all collective effort of enlightenment.

Pretty good stuff, I’d say………………..So in a way it really is about the whole human race in the collective sense.  We are as a single mass of energy surging onward towards realities we can hardly imagine……

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