I know how they built the pyramids and other stuff………..!

I was listening to old time radio and the program was about people who donated blood during the Korean war. They were interviewing solders in a hospital and thanking all those who gave them another chance……

I started thinking about the times back then and how different we have become.  We don’t seem to care so much about other people anymore.  It’s probably not on purpose it just seemed to turn out the way it has.

It’s scary when you think about it.  We have lost that sense of community with one another.  It happens when whole neighborhoods disappear into strip malls……because of bad mortgage deals.

But I digress…………

I was watching a video about Egypt and almost as a throw away line someone mentioned monatomic gold and pyramids ! doh!! It hit me like a ton…………white powder gold, which is what it is, has anti -gravity properties! Probably how they moved those huge granite blocks around……..and although I’ve known that for some time I never put those two things together. So amazing how different the message is by just moving some words around….and besides, that it makes complete sense.

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