Just saying………..

The brain death is spreading like dark shadows engulfing the Universe…….

That’s pretty heavy stuff…I wondered just how bad it really was?     Then I had this thought…All things being equal……’yin yan’ and all those sorts of things being in natural balance…..

The actual source of which is the original ‘imbalance’ in the first place, the creation of the ‘Duality’…….is in reality, two equally balanced forces pushing against one another creating a sort of dance around the Universe as they waltz in 3/4 time taking two steps back as the other takes two steps forward 3,4 and……again and again and on and on it will go unless and until they take these steps together in the same direction…..as before the duality…..as this reality is just another version of the snake eating its own tail and the puppy chasing it’s  tail……two equal forces should be getting some attention here, it is the most obvious clue staring us all right in the face.

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