This word. This simple two syllable word yet as it turns out is nor so simple at all.

The word just by itself is a question.  What is purpose? And you don’t even need to go into asking the ‘why’ part, as In……’What is the purpose of ……….. ? (fill in the blank).

I have been asking a question that includes this word ever since I ask my very first question……ever since the idea fist occurred to me to wonder at the great vastness of being alive.

“Why?” “What does it all really mean?” But mostly and above all is this question of purpose, what is the reason for even being alive?

Where did all the different kinds of life forms even come from”? All the animals that we treat so inhumanly?  All the different kinds of humans, plants, everything………why?  What is the real meaning of everything?  Why are we here with everything that is here with us?

Is there an “Us”? Or is everything just an illusion? and either way, what is the purpose of everything?

I wish I could say that the question is way too big for just one person or just one answer but that doesn’t work for me anymore. There’s just too many ‘reasons’ that this answer is an empty platitude…..and why any answer is just more opportunity for more questions and even more reasons there are no answers. 

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