Amazing though it may seem…..people will actually pay someone whether it be through taking a course or buying a book or even a series of classes and books………………to tell them essentially what they already know and/or……..want to hear………..

Hence: The ‘unexplainable’ and ‘overnight BOOM’ of a self-help industry that has continued to flourish since it’s inception……….go figure!

A person may think that with this new insight they should be able to take advantage of this weak-link in our consciousness…..yes? no….at least it doesn’t seem to be in my immediate future….

I always think about the times my mother would go to ‘Sooth Sayers’ and they would always tell her the same thing, “You have a younger daughter who has great potential but, I’m afraid, is extremely lazy and unmotivated.”
So that was that! The story of my life has already been written and was out of my control……….or so I had assumed and, therefore, I would just need to learn how to deal with this as my reality and not even bother to attempt any sort of intervention or reeducation as it would never make any difference. I was doomed to a life of simplicity and boredom as a result of so an abundance of excess laziness accumulating over years and years of birthdays after birthdays and on and on and so it goes……………

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