……side effects

I noticed……

No where did I read anything about how the so called ‘mortgage melt down’ effected so much more than just a credit rating.

Whole communities disappeared in a flash!  People who had grown up in neighborhoods, generations of neighbors that had lasted lifetimes…..gone and not one word was mentioned about it.

All those years at your neighborhood schools, local stores and all those lives that left and came back from somewhere else, those neighbors down the street that you will probably never see again. All those stories about all those lives and lifetimes of all the people that make up a neighborhood and a community.

But no, all that was mentioned was purely monetary loss, period….as if that was the only thing of value to be assessed as a result of so many thousands of people who not only lost their physical property but so much more.  So many memories of what is left after whole neighborhoods have been demolished through the results of those sub-humans that control the banking systems in the world and feed off the misery of their prey.

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