Is It Just Irony?

To me this is the most important subject at hand.  I heard a story on old time radio about how a supposed health club with mineral baths discovered that there was a problem with mold, etc., and that it was necessary to fix it.  Sounds reasonable enough, right? Who would have thought this could turn into a big political issue?

But what happened is just insane. The investors thought that if they fixed the problem it would create more problems than if we left it alone…..which made no sense….the story goes on: “Too many jobs would be lost, we can’t afford to close it down or pay for repairs, our whole city revenue is dependent on this, etc.” and so it continued. But as it turns out… every single decision that has to do with revenue is always on the side of the money no matter how many actual humans are affectcd, get sick and/or die. It just is not a significant issue in anyone’s decision. It never was. Only profit is considered. This is what we are about today. Someone once said something about that all it takes is good men to do nothing for evil to take over and win…….and guess what? We are not winning, look around…….it’s no secret either….They want you to know what time is. They want you to know exactly how powerless we all are.  Because it is this kind of anxiety that makes them happy.

As I look back over the years it looks like it was the conservative 40’s and 50’s that was really kind of like paradise compared to these days…..that is if you can imagine paradise without your pc.   (ironic)

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It’s a funny thing about words….One of the first really profound awakenings I had a while back was about not just words but more about definitions…and how much different a word can be defined by its use and by its user.

When I was a young person, like grammar school age, one of my favorite things to do was read this big dictionary we had. It was the kind with the glyphs on the pages as examples of words that had several meanings. Sometimes the glyphs were pen and ink sketches or symbols and the paper was very thin like onion skin. It was a real thick and a rather large volume and I would grab it on my way to the room at my house we affectionately called ‘the library’.

But I digress…When I first realized that words meant different things to different people well, it changed everything. Words were tools and needed to be defined! It was then I knew.  Yes, it was all clear.  Finally it all made sense. It was words, it was definitions. No wonder nothing made any sense before. I was understanding  according to my definitions that I got out of that big dictionary. It’s no wonder there was this huge gap between my understanding and most others………not all but a large majority was on other side of this argument.

The thing is that I’ve lived my whole life not knowing this one thing that would have made a major difference in how I defined almost everything and why very few others seemed to know what I was talking about.

It’s the perfect, “Doh! I  should have had a V/8!” moment if ever there was one.

So, as someone who thinks themselves a communicator, I’m in the wrong something. It’s not easy to have to face something as life changing and as telling of the  direction of that life……. as this one thing is.  It’s that big!

So, now about why I’m writing this post:Have you guessed it’s about words?  Good. Because it is. It’s about the words, “Auto-Fail”… and it’s about how I seem to have blown this thing out of the water…..for which I once again, apologize.

Maybe I am a little OCD but it’s a lot because of this thing that came up after I left. I realized it as an opportunity to expand my data base and response system in the area of verbal knee jerk reaction scenarios.  I reacted to meaningless words but what I noticed mostly is how differently you and I defined those words. You saw mine and what I saw (later as I reran the scene in my memory)was that we were not watching  the same program.  We were both seeing completely different screens.  I was watching myself in a court room (sort of) as a defendant…while you where watching the same case but as a prosecutor.  I’m not saying that’s what you really saw but I am saying that you can see how the center can fall out when two people using the same words can define them differently than each other and subsequently speaking side by side rather than back and forth….or even passing each other along the way without acknowledging seeing or the best is : as if speaking different languages… truly we are.

Wait a minute, I just got something…….I remember you said that it was still fresh for me……so it came up twice, right? So….that must be what it’s about. It’s in there somewhere.  Sometimes I really love the process….especially when I’m on the right track.

Okay then………..I think I’ve milked this subject well into next month.

Thank you

But wait, there’s more…….There turns out to be some control issues here as well…………………….hmmmmmmmmmmmm I hate it when someone ‘chooses for me.’  That’s it! The words just got me here. Wowza.

You have just witnessed the last two hours in my brain.  Thank you for letting me share :~)

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Criminal Justice ?

After hours and hours of watching and listening to detective stories on tv and old time radio, one thing seems to stand out in my memory.  It is the procedure that the District Attorney uses to solve crime…… they come up with a theory and as a defendant your job is to prove them wrong.  So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why and how so many people get caught up in a system based on an assumed theory that may or may not even be relevant  But to a jury who knows nothing except what is presented……well, if the DA comes up with a reasonable enough theory the defendant is toast.

I wish I were just making this up “as a theory”…………….But I’m afraid it is more a rule of thumb than theory at all. They make up the story and expect you to prove their story wrong. Seems simple  enough? Sure, because if someone is innocent it should be easy to prove……….except it isn’t and worse, it never is.

That’s why our system never works even if it seems to sometimes. And when it does you always hear the same line again and again, “See, this just proves the system works!” Almost as a sigh of relief…….as one never knows these days what is likely to happen in a courtroom anywhere in the USA today.

One thing we do know…and that is the people who are really responsible are never held accountable, and you can take that to the bank!

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Prescription Drugs and Designated Whistleblowers

It just dawned on me as I was reading about blood pressure meds that when we take this stuff we don’t have to take care of ourselves ‘the drugs do that’ so I don’t have to! doh! Makes me wonder if that was the purpose all along. I have completely lost all faith I ever had in the illusion of government. It is unfortunate and true. The fox are guarding the hen house.

We are living in the era that would never happen……….We were too smart for that……as  the phrase, “Those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it……. until they do.

In watching a lot of so called alternative sites there are certain designated hitters that come out of no where and are authorities on conspiracies behind the scenes, they say…and generally speaking they are bright and informed on their subjects…..but that is where I have a problem with them. They all use this one particular phrase, they all refer to their work as ‘their work’! and for some reason it all of the sudden hit me that there was something very rehearsed about this…..which is how I came to the conclusion that I did about the designated outers that just show up on you tube and all have their own particular story about how it all really works….and they are usually in alignment in a broad sense……and I think they are all telling the truth ‘as they know it’……and we know that can mean many things. I’m just saying.

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The War with GMO Labeling

We beat them at their own game by having everyone label their stuff “NON GMO”    Hello ?

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Big Thinking

I was listening to a webinar and instead of wondering how I felt about something I realized my thought was more like, “What if the while world………..” fill in the blank.

Like it’s not enough to just think about something to myself but instead I wonder in larger terms, in worldly terms…as if any of my own personal thinking is making a noticeable difference on the planet in some profound  or even mundane way……Talk about an inflated sense of importance………

The truth is………are you ready?  The actual truth as it is beginning to look, is that yes, it’s true that what we think does make a difference on the planet. Thoughts are waves like a pebble in a pond….sending ripples of thought waves into the ethernet of consciousness…adding to the over all collective effort of enlightenment.

Pretty good stuff, I’d say………………..So in a way it really is about the whole human race in the collective sense.  We are as a single mass of energy surging onward towards realities we can hardly imagine……

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I know how they built the pyramids and other stuff………..!

I was listening to old time radio and the program was about people who donated blood during the Korean war. They were interviewing solders in a hospital and thanking all those who gave them another chance……

I started thinking about the times back then and how different we have become.  We don’t seem to care so much about other people anymore.  It’s probably not on purpose it just seemed to turn out the way it has.

It’s scary when you think about it.  We have lost that sense of community with one another.  It happens when whole neighborhoods disappear into strip malls……because of bad mortgage deals.

But I digress…………

I was watching a video about Egypt and almost as a throw away line someone mentioned monatomic gold and pyramids ! doh!! It hit me like a ton…………white powder gold, which is what it is, has anti -gravity properties! Probably how they moved those huge granite blocks around……..and although I’ve known that for some time I never put those two things together. So amazing how different the message is by just moving some words around….and besides, that it makes complete sense.

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