We have been thoroughly deceived by an insidiously clever ruse since the beginning of time. Consciousness is omnipresent and our minds are transformers. Free will is plugging in or not.

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If you recall I told you I do much better when I can focus in a direction when I write rather than just creating from a blank space.  It is you that I will focus. Not so much you personally although that’s not exactly accurate.  It’s more about direction than personality.  I could no longer tolerate the person to whom I was assigned and although it was because of this that I was able to finally get the lead out of my decision process and commit to myself again my purpose, I also would like to retain a portion of our ability to tune in on the same frequency now and then…… It is  the quality of the unusual that attracts me as it is more unusual to find.  Why you?  Because it was you who reminded me of what I’d forgotten about why I write.  That alone is a bit significant as it can only manifest through consciousness.  I don’t know much more about that except that it’s purpose is way beyond my current state of enlightenment.  I may even decide to go through and re purpose other messages as this alone may change the whole focus and bring me closer to what it is this big truth is about.  The 1st time we spoke you reminded me that  writing it is enough, I’d forgotten and thought I needed feedback, remember? I probably just needed reassurance, albeit my ego….. You reminded me of the very essence of what this whole thing is about.

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My Ego

We are conduits in the shape of humans or humanoid or bipedal life forms. Our job is to broadcast but our free will gets in the way and tries to take ownership. That’s what is known as ‘ego’. So instead of being a conduit we wind up believing these are our own thoughts then take credit for it’ importance but not its significance.  Once  the ego gets a hold there’s no telling where this information will wind up. The results are years and years of time wasted for nothing. Free will must be address somehow. No, that’s not right. …it is free will so no rules can apply….self control? now that’s another story.

I’m 72 and finally get it. All this time  as I accuse the world of being egomaniacs……..it’s been my own all along!

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This is how the mind/brain works……We think thoughts and while we are in this process our subconscious mind begins to interpret these thoughts as reality then goes about creating that reality the next time we look. (and by the way always proving us right).  This is how we create our reality crazy though it may seem. This is why words matter, they’re like vines that cling to whatever is close and try to make everything look like it, hence when we think joyful thoughts we see examples all around us and when we use words with negative intent that’s what we get everywhere we look…….and as a result begin to attract the same energy.  It is as amazing as it is difficult to get your head around.

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I just heard it!

I’m listening to Rense and Sauder arguing about Trump….I’ve already heard they are both gatekeepers but it was surprising to listen to how they just created the argument and both took a side. It’s one of those V/8 moments.  At first I reacted to the points of the debate but then when Rense went completely out of character defending the opposite position…..It got my attention. Then I noticed Sauder took the liberal position against etc.  Pretty much a eureka moment.  I’ve never heard it like I heard it as if for the first time.  It was…..I heard how insidiouslly nihilistic their message was  The thing is that I hear about these kind of people in the alternative media and I never could figure out how they did it until today tonight actually.  In a way it’s no different than main stream media but without all the commercials. there are commercials but they’re nicer usually. It totally sucks. Who’d ever thought anyone would be missing the 50’s……They were the days when rock and roll was the devils music…………..Not so funny anymore, is it ?  Ever so slowly and ever so on purpose has been our progression towards our demise.  So very clever has been our social engineering.  Brilliant, I’d say.  My hat is off to those pulling the strings.  In some ways I’m sure you have gone above and beyond most expectations!   And yet it breaks my heart to watch the entire lanet succumb to your rule at the cost of humanity.  that’s the unforgivable crime.  You’ll get lucky again with some form of amnesty but when you do, this time try not to forget your own humanity.

On the other hand…earlier today I was right down there in the pits. I surrendered to my lower frequencies  and succumbed to base grunting out loud. Two days of this level of consciousness. Not a pretty picture….especially after reaching a really nice place with Lenette. Actually that’s not accurate.  there is no actual communication between us although ever since she commented on a message to my sister I have been sort of carrying on a one sided deal.  So fr no respondo.

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Reality ?

It’s not an addiction I am up against It’s this place, this version of my reality.   I suddenly realized that all the time I have spent in my life resisting this and that…..I just got that I’ve been pushing up against a wall.  An immovable fucking wall.  So I not only create my resistance which is always equal to it’s opposite, in this case becoming aware, Then I keep pushing against it to test it’s strength ?

Everything is just an aspect of itself your being is simply having an experience of.  Which means my back aches from pushing a fucking wall all the time! Hello?  Faith and belief are only aspects of this realm

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Subtle Energy’s

As the title suggests this is an often misunderstood term.  Most realize anything subtle is an aside, an after thought when it is really the core of our relationship with the greater universal energy…..Our god source.

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